Celebrations in 2010
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    Default Celebrations in 2010

    I was recently reminded how easy it is to focus on the negative, the missing, the imperfections in our lives. Times are challenging enough on many fronts; my challenge is to find the good, the abundance and what is right and celebrate!!

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    Worth resurrecting for the new year.
    DH aka Mad Hen

    Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want. Anna Lappe

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    I agree, worth resurrecting. We celebrate lots of little events throughout the year. And by celebrate, I don't mean we go all out and have a party, but we at the very least mention it, and usually have a nice dinner or do some other little special occasion thing.

    Examples: we celebrate the date we met and the date we started dating, in addition to our wedding anniversary.

    We celebrate the date I donated a kidney and the date my husband received a new one (one day apart).

    We celebrate our pets birthdays.

    We celebrate the dates we adopted each of our greyhounds (only other crazy greyhound people would understand this).

    We celebrate our long-gone grandparents' birthdays (e.g., I make my grandmother's favorite brownies on her birthday).

    We celebrate St. Patricks Day and Robert Burns Night, even though neither of us is Irish or Scottish; we just love the music and the whisk(e)y.

    Lots of reasons to celebrate each year, even in tiny ways.


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