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    I'm wondering why yogurt production is so complicated for you.
    I put a liter of milk (3.8% fat) in a saucepan, add about 250 g of finished yogurt (3.8% fat). I distribute the yogurt thoroughly in the milk.
    Then I divide the milk into 8 small glasses and put it in the yogurt maker for 6 hours.

    Only 7 of the 8 glasses of yogurt are eaten. The 8th glass of yogurt is the starter for new yogurt.

    We have cereals with yoghurt for breakfast every morning.
    Best regards, miteigenenhaenden

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    I've managed yogurt in the past but now that I'm non dairy the only successful and edible yogurt has been full fat coconut milk seeded with expensive "cocoyo" brand coconut-gurt. It's the best fake sourcream if you get and breed in the "plain" option. Quite tangy.

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