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    Default Baby Wipes

    What you need:

    4-quart square or round container - something that will fit a 1/2 paper towel roll standing up, I found a container for 25c at a thrift store, also you can use plastic coffee cans or large margarine tubs

    ½ roll Bounty or Viva paper towels, choose a "giant" or "super" size roll, make sure the paper is really soft

    2 ½ cups hot water

    2 T baby bath

    2 T baby oil or Jojoba oil, Calendula oil, olive oil or Burt's Bees apricot oil

    Optional: 3-5 drops Essential Lavender oil


    - Cut paper towel roll in half (hubby does it for me) and remove cardboard tube
    - Put in your container standing up
    -In a small bowl mix together water, baby bath and oil
    -Pour over the paper towel roll
    -Let sit for about 10 minutes
    - Done!

    - Now you can start pulling the towels from the middle

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    I use a variation of this recipe when my children where babies

    I left out the baby oil and I'm not sure I used hot water just water.

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    I use store bought baby wipes and pour over them witch hazel.They are great to clean your face or to dry up hemy's.

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    i did a similar recipe to mels but left off the scented oil- neither of the babies minded not have a nicely smelling wipe.

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