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    Default Make It Yourself..

    Iíve never seen this thread before... so letís get to posting on all things you do yourself AND looking forward to your posts!
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    Oh, c'mon! How long do you want me to sit here typing? I'll just hit some of the highlights.

    What I've been DIYing lately is mostly food related. So far I've learned to make my own pita bread, soda crackers, a single attempt at chutney, various new recipes in our recently-acquired air fryer, ciabatta bread, and all kinds of things I can't remember now. I'm continuing to figure out ways to make my own condiments and convenience foods.

    Of course I'm still doing the usual, sewing, carpentry although not so much now that it's winter, and all the stuff I've always done.

    What we're not going to DIY ever again if I can help it is shoveling our driveway and moving our dock in and out of the lake twice a year. We now have snow guys and dock guys and I plan to keep it that way. I'm starting to really love having guys.

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    1.) Sewing/mending/refashioning clothes
    2.) Cooking/gardening/House cleaning
    3.) HM : Toiletries , Laundry detergent, Hand dishwashing liquid ( as soon as my store bought on hand supply is depleted)

    My thing which I am too lazy to do and pay for : having my grass cut~ I know totally ridiculous but I HATE to cut grass~however if I have not completed my emergency fund by summer...I WILL BE CUTTING THE GRASS AUGH!!!...great motivation to save

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