Most of us have seen the infomercials and seen the different leg
sugaring products at the drugstore. It's so simple to make
and so inexpensive that you'll always make your own!

Sugar Leg Wax

2 C sugar
1/4 C lemon juice
1/4 C water
2 tbsp vegetable glycerine
waxing cloth strips (buy at the drugstore) OR use strips of linen cut
to the size of these strips
wooden popsicle sticks (to stir the wax and to apply)

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Stir frequently while heating
to 250 degrees F or softball stage. Pour into jars and cover with
lids. If you use plastic jars, you'll be able to microwave this
mixture instead of heating it on the stove. That's it!! You just
your own leg wax/sugar that you'd pay $20 for in the stores!

To use the Sugar Wax:

Heat in the microwave for ten seconds on high. Using a wooden stir
stick, stir VERY well. It should be warm but not HOT. Please be
very careful when heating up this wax - it's very easy to
yourself. If the wax isn't warm enough, place it back in the
microwave for five seconds, and stir again. Remember, this is hot
sugar syrup - if it gets too hot you'll be badly burned.

Lightly powder the area to be treated. Spread a thin layer of the
wax on in the same direction as the hair grows. Apply the waxing
cloth strip over the applied wax, and rub down well to get the wax to
stick to the cloth. Pull your skin taut, and in one quick motion
pull the fabric off of your skin AGAINST the direction of hair
growth. Continue with the other areas of your leg or wherever

When you're done waxing a complete area, rub in lotion, aloe vera
(fresh is best) or oil to soothe your legs.

You can use the homemade waxing strips again if you soak it in soapy
water to dissolve the sugar off the fabric and then toss it in with
your wash as normal.