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    I'm glad someone could laugh about husband still gets a wee bit upset about this. But then again, imagine being told to salt your could be a bad day...

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    I just use a 1-2 tsp of dishsoap and SUPER SCALDING hot tap water to fill the sink with dishes and let the bf wash. He reaches for the bottle to add more the sponge to wash and I frankly tell him that hes got MORE then enough soap in the water to do all the dishes. Each time he's finished the dishes, hes impressed - thats how I make my dishsoap last!

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    Something that I do is when we have a pie, cake or actually any type of dessert I take a piece or 2 of the dessert and put it in my freezer in the cellar. This way long after my family would have plowed through the entire dessert I have some for them that they had forgotten about. Last night my DD and DH split a piece of cheesecake from a cheesecake we had over the weekend. They enjoyed it more last night when they thought there were no desserts than the day that 3/4 of a cheesecake was staring back at them. My DS loves this dessert trick too because he could finish off a dessert very quickly.

    This "trick" gives us the same feeling as when you find one more french fry at the bottom of the McDonald's bag.

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