Grocery Budget Boot Camp: Eat Healthy for Less
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    Default Grocery Budget Boot Camp: Eat Healthy for Less

    Grocery Budget Boot Camp: Eat Healthy for Less | CBN News

    "If we ever wanted to climb out of debt, it had to be with the grocery budget," she told CBN News.

    They achieved their goal, largely by slashing grocery spending in half, and as an added blessing, without sacrificing the health of their family.
    Stop trying to organize all of your family’s crap. If organization worked for you, you’d have rocked it by now. It’s time to ditch stuff and de-crapify your world.

    If you're not using the stuff in your home, get rid of it. You're not going to start using it more by shoving it into a closet.

    Use it up, Wear it out,
    Make it do, Or do without. ~unknown

    A clean house is a sign of a wasted life. ~unknown

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    Good article. If pesticides are of importance to you, try a website called and it says how many/name/what it does and the list of produce is extensive.

    I know Tiffany states that "we as Americans tend to have a lot of food on hand" and to eat what you have to save money. I'm gonna go with my experience in the grocery industry and a comment by DHS that says Americans do not keep food in storage like we used to.

    For me, I buy meat and bread on clearance (organic if it's there). I do make organic bread and cook from scratch, even though my ingredients are not always organic. We have decreased our food consumption considerably (70%?) but our bills are still too high in the grocery dept. I can only think that my organic purchases and coffee purchases are the culprit.

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