Frugal Tips, Local Stores, Etc., for NE WI...
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    Question Frugal Tips, Local Stores, Etc., for NE WI...

    Hi Everyone!

    In a couple of months, maybe a little longer (who knows for sure?) DH and I will will be moving to NE WI. Not exactly sure where, but somewhere near Appleton/Green Bay, maybe even north of there. Possibly Michigan like Menominee. I am not really familiar with the area, but I am aware that there aren't any of the stores that I shop at up there. So I have no idea what I am going to do up there at first. I have never lived anywhere other than SW WI/ NE IA, so it's gonna be a culture shock movin' to the Northwoods.

    My question is this:

    Do any of you have any ideas, favorite grocery stores, consignment shops for up in that area???

    I would really, really appreciate it if anyone had any ideas. Thanks SO much!!!

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    wish i could help. but i faced similar when i moved from massachussettes to florida. all i can say is good luck and take ur time. ur pc is ur friend for searching what is out there. and trial and error.

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    The only comment I'd make since I've never lived there is to try these things:

    although they no longer give you the chance to compare directly what stores in your area have on sale they do list most grocery store sale fliers based on a zip code.

    Also, who lists multiple stores, based on state listings, I believe.

    But first what I'd do is 1)Check Aldi's website and see if there's an aldi's nearby and 2)Check the salvage store directory here and see if there's a salvage store nearby.

    I've moved all over the place and it takes a while to find the cheaper stores if you don't use a computer. The last time we moved, the net didn't exist. But if we moved now, this is what I'd do.

    Good luck!


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