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    Default Military Resources

    A recent post on Frugal Village has been on my mind a lot within the past week or so. Due to deployments, pay issues, and duty-obligated separations, it is quite normal for a military family to experience various hardships. I remember during the Iraq deployment a soldier in my husband’s troop experienced a house fire. He was in Iraq; his family was homeless and he felt helpless. I think having a list of resources that can help service members (both active and reserve) can be quite beneficial for all military families, not only in the event of a hardship, but just as a ‘safety net’.

    The first resource that came to mind is Military OneSource. Military OneSource is available to active duty service members, reservists, and military families. It offers a HUGE range of services—counseling of many varieties, childcare resources, legal assistance. It also provides resources on things like elder care, tax prep, education, etc. Very great site.

    Another resource is Army Emergency Relief (AER). AER is founded on the principle that the Army takes care of its own. AER will provide emergency financial needs for food, rent, utilities, emergency transport/rentals, funeral expenses, medical/dental expenses, and personal needs if pay is delayed or stolen. There are also AER scholarships available.

    The Red Cross is also available for Financial Assistance in the event of casualty travel. Specifics are available at the website. They also provide counseling and referral services.

    Local chapters of the VFW or American Legion are also available to provide assistance in certain circumstances.

    The Family Readiness Group attached to the service member’s unit can usually provide assistance or direction.

    The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act also provides various ways of assisting active duty servicemembers. I posted this thread here at the Village abotu the Soldiers/Sailors Relief Act.

    By no means is this list a comprehensive list of resources. I’d like to add more as I discover them. Has anyone hear heard of any other resources?

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    Wow, you gave so much info on this! Thank you!! I think that as a country there should be even more resources and help out there for our men and women that have served. Great that you are bringing this to everyone's attention. I think we tend to forget things like this.

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