VA - disgusted and upset
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    Default VA - disgusted and upset

    My husband was in the Navy 25 years ago. He was disabled when he was in the service - knee problems/surgery. He is classified as disabled, but doesnt receive money. He has had 2 more surgeries on his knee since getting out of the service. His knee gave out on him yesterday. So he goes to the va hospital today.....heres where the problem comes in.....he went to be reevaluated last summer in Memphis, TN.....they changed his status to just have scar when he goes in today to have it looked at, the guy tells him....we cant help you till this is changed back.....So, know we get to deal with all kinds of red tape....they should have all the records showing all the surgeries, etc....I hope.....

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    Sorry you're having to deal with this. Hope you are able to get it resolved quickly so your husband can get the care he needs. We've been lucky so far - my husband is also a disabled vet, and for the most part he has had good experiences with the VA.

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    If I were you, I would contact the Medical Records department at the hospital he had the surgery. The VA has spent jillions of dollars becoming a leader in the Electronic Health Record field. Point this out to them when you call.......

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