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    Quote Originally Posted by McD View Post
    I had no idea that there was ever an instance of something like this happening. The entire concept of it is completely offensive. We are still working to bring home the remains of servicemembers lost in Korea and Viet Nam, but we have servicemembers here that we just toss like garbage?

    I don't fault the individual solider that was working under orders. I fault the organization that made the order happen. I fault the whole thought process of 'too bad, so sad, it's too much work to try to sort out now.'
    Oh, I totally agree that the organization that made it happen was at fault. As soldiers, we were not at liberty to just walk up to a NCOIC or senior ranking official and go 'Hey Jack, tell ya what... how about I don't do this and we forget it even came up.'. We had to do what we were told to do, whether we felt it was morally justified or otherwise.

    I think that as time went by and wars started happening more, the trust and respect and ability to treat servicemembers decently went downhill and with that, this happens.

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    Wow, that is just horrible!!! The article just sickens me.

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