Miserly Monday 12/3/12
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    Default Miserly Monday 12/3/12

    Good Monday Morning to you, villagers!!!

    Hope everyone's week is off to a great start and the holiday madness has not maddened you quite yet! I don't
    know about y'all, but I am happy Cyber-week is over, all those ads for junk, ugh! Alas, I wish the stores would
    get the message, because I got "Cyber Monday" email today. Seriously?

    I'm afraid I didn't do a good job staging for today last night, so it was drive-through breakfast and I'll have to go
    out and find something for lunch (have to go clean my car anyway...) ... but I solemly swear we will have
    home-breakfast and I will pack lunch for the rest of this week (for me, the kids do the school lunch thing...)

    Speaking of school lunches... ugh. I just re-charged everyone's lunch accounts to the tune of $350... that was to
    bring 5 students (my two plus Sis's 3) up to $100 each... some of them that will last 2 months, one it
    *MIGHT* cover for a month (teenage boy). Even knowing I'm getting 1% back on the card does not sweeten that
    deal at all.

    And on an unrelated note, we are currently using the gallon of milk I previously froze as an experiment. It tastes
    fine to me, though it's taking forever to thaw and we keep getting ice-crystals in our cups... So if I can make room
    in the freezer, that's something I'll be doing more of in the future.

    I'm starting to try to frame up my new year's resolutions... while still hoping to get a few things knocked out in
    this "old year." How about y'all? How's your Monday, how's your December, and what are you looking at for 2013?

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    Good Morning!!!

    Off to a slower start this morning.

    I have a few errands to run. I have some Best Buy rewards to spend. Asked ds what he would like. His wife has never seen any of the star wars movies, so that's what they are getting for Christmas. Free!!!!

    I'm returning some towels to Kohls. I had a free $10 to spend and bought towels, just to use it. I'm taking those back and getting dil a cats calendar. Almost free!!!

    Dh wants salad for dinner, so I'll stop and get the fixings for salad. I'm making a beef and peppers recipe from the box of Swanson's flavor boost for dinner too.

    I washed all my fabric, so I hope to get started on some homemade gifts.

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    Good afternoon villagers. Today I'm off work today so washed towels & went to the store for a few things. Dropped off a book I borrowed from a friend. Putting up the tree & when dh gets home we will decorate! Need to wash dishes also. Having hotdogs & baked potatoes for dinner.
    That's all going on here. Happy Monday!

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    Spent $8.60 at sears.com for $72 worth of pj's and gymnastics outfits (all Christmas gifts). I am now DONE with my Christmas shopping from us. My MIL said she is sending some cash for the kids so I still have to decide what to do with that. I am tempted to just put it in their college funds but don't know how that would go over.

    Spent last night going over all of my receipts from the weekend and checking the budget. We are still in the black which is good since I did a lot of shopping over the weekend (groceries for the freezer, stockpile essentials before baby comes, baby items, Christmas wrapping paper, etc). Should be done shopping till the next paycheck on the 15th.

    Got dinner in the crock pot, and about to clean out my fridge

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    Slow start. Dh slept in and now is making bacon and hash browns. Going to buy a new toaster after lunch (pop tart got stuck in it and it was a junky toaster in the first place). Also mailing some stuff, and buying some craft items to finish MIL's gift. After that thinking about going to play in the snow with dd.

    Chicken breasts for supper.

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    slow start also as I was up late cleaning.
    Still working on the front rm. scrub down for xmas. Cleaned 4 bookcases,2 end tables,5 lamps and most of the entertainment center and vaccumned yesterday.
    Threw out a chair and had Ds moved 10 tubs of my cookbooks (collection).

    So today I washed and put back up the drapes,washed the huge picture window in and out. I hope to finish inside the entertainment center and scrub a chair today. Still need to do the rocking chair,couch, and the floor but tomorrow. Tree arrives Sat.
    DD's exam/cleaning w/o ins. just cost $126.! So dinner in tonight. I do have to hit Big Lots for clear storage tubs. $100?.
    All not budgeted for. May as well buy 2 more sets of net lights too.lol

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