Miserly Monday 4/1/2019
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    Default Miserly Monday 4/1/2019

    Happy April Fool's Day!!!

    I've got a load of laundry going. Will finish it up when I get home

    Need to fix a couple of work shirts for dh.

    Going to the grocery store to get the April Fools day deals. Stocking up on a few things that will help the grocery budget.

    Come home and finish cleaning up the kitchen. Didn't get all the non dishwasher pans washed.

    Will go work to the inlaws house tonight to get it ready for them to move in.

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    vegging out enjoying the kids back in school. doing my reg chores. had to wash throw rug by bed because cat puked and not the type weave that is comes out well. ds wiped out on my bike bent it. ds got him one off craigslist. he has a few scrapes etc freaked his friends out.. but he is accident prone so well used to it and he wasn't upset.

    sunny here 70 degrees. pulled out marinated chicken, and pork ribs will see if chicken is ok since almost a year old. bit freezer burned. so will see. plus other pork for making pulled pork.

    put my sofas throw pillows out in the sun ..need to get lysol spray for the couch. teen boys smell with the sun coming out.

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