Mighty Monday 4/7/08
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    Default Mighty Monday 4/7/08

    I was a little too ambitious with yesterdays plans. I did get quite a bit done but will be continueing on with the projects today.

    Yesterday was spent mostly in DS#2's room helping him organize and get rid of things. We took down his old metal frame and took the brass headboard out of the attic. Polished all the tarnish off it ..... and realized we needed the metal bars from DS#1's bed. Took the old maple frame that I've been putting off taking down to put in DS#1s room out of the attic and spent a lot of time sanding it down. Went to mom's for dinner and cooked a pot of black-eyed-peas for lunches this week. Did laundry.

    Today I'll try to stay a little more realistic.

    ~ Stain 4 piece wood bed frame (twice) I've already got the first coat on.

    ~ Finish sorting through Ds#2's room (there's just a little left)

    ~ Take down the frame in DS#1s room and put it up in DS#2s room with the brass headboard

    ~ Go through DS#1s shoes with him

    ~ Cook dinner and at least 1 thing extra

    ~ Dig desk to be refinished out of the garage

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    I'm still sore & tired from rearranging & separating the boys' bedrooms yesterday. Taking it a little slow today.

    ~Breakfast dishes DONE
    ~empty hampers DONE
    ~wash & hang out laundry (!! It's finally warm enough!)
    ~fold & put away laundry

    Right now I'm doing a complete reformat of my computer. I'm using dh's computer. I HATE his keyboard. You practically have to slam the keys to get the letters to show up. Makes for LOTS of work with the backspace key (which is also stiff :rant: ). I'm hoping once I reformat it won't be too much of an issue to get everything back on it (I backed everything up on the external hard drive...but I'm still nervous that stuff won't work or something

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    We had a make-up baseball game last night that lasted until 9:45. By the time we got home, ate dinner, got showers and settled down it was late, so I am very tired today.

    I won't be doing very much at all today.

    ~Take DS to the doctor for an x-ray on his elbow. He was hit by a pitch last night and is still really swollen.
    ~Run to the Dollar General for cat litter
    ~Stop by Publix for a few B1G1 deals
    ~Run to the bank and make a couple of deposits
    ~Go shopping for DD some new PJs that button up to wear after her sugery next week. She won't be able to lift her arms after her surgery for a couple of weeks so she cannot have pull over tops or gowns.
    ~Take DS to batting practice
    ~Go to DS's baseball game

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    I was ambitious this morn & went through my closet & dresser & got rid of things that I was holding onto forever. I actually had some shirts frome when I was dd's age (23). Bye Bye! It was time Rearranged to be able to get to the spring & summer clothes. I have a pile of ironing but will do that this afternoon while I watch my soaps.
    Not much else going on, just some light cleaning & straightening up. Dinner will be popped into the crock soon and just need to peel some potatoes later. Exciting day,lol.
    Have a good one, all!

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    gosh I feel like a slacker, lol

    I did however get up, get DD ready for school, take her to school and head over to my grandma's... I got back at 12:30pm and here I am replying to posts on FV

    I am not feeling that well today but I do want to get rid of some stuff that is just sitting around here such as clothes and stuff I can donate to the Thrift Stores.

    Get garbage outside which means throwing stuff away, sweep the hallways stairs, reheat dinner and watch a movie with DD.

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    Its beautiful outside......65 & sunny!!! I got all my laundry done last night (I know hard to believe its all done with 7 kids & 2 adults). Going to vaccum the floors, and mop them, then probably head outside on my glider & enjoy the sunshine

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    this morning was cloudy. had to take dgs2 to dr. had to pay full price he doesn`t have insurance.
    the sun came out went to walmart. then I went to cato`s ,so it was a spendy day.

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    ~ thawed out meat for supper
    ~ straightened up my scrapbook room
    ~ fed & watered the outside cats
    ~ bought a chain for the dog when she's outside, she's starting to run amok
    ~ gave the dog a bath (she got skunked last night) and put her on the chain
    ~ took daughter for her MRI... (they stuck her 15 times - I even tried once - still couldn't get an IV in... so have to go back next Monday to have another MRI with contrast.)
    ~ followed hubs to town to drop his truck off to have tire fixed, took him to work.. and doing the vice versa...
    ~ put 4 tivo'd shows on DVD (5th in progress)

    thats bout it... answered a few emails, edited a couple photos.... otherwise a pretty laid back day.

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