Cut $1,000 a Month from Your Budget
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    Default Cut $1,000 a Month from Your Budget

    A 10-Week Plan to Cut $1,000 a Month from Your Budget: Ready for the Challenge? - AOL Finance

    "Every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks, we'll comb through your biggest monthly bills, carve out ways to save right now, and make your resolution a reality."

    I thought it was time to resurrect this challenge. Here is the link to the old thread. You can read about what other people did to find wasted money in their budgets.

    Not everyone will find $1000 in their budget every month, but this step by step approach will get you analysing your spending and looking into ways to cut monthly expenses.
    Stop trying to organize all of your family’s crap. If organization worked for you, you’d have rocked it by now. It’s time to ditch stuff and de-crapify your world.

    If you're not using the stuff in your home, get rid of it. You're not going to start using it more by shoving it into a closet.

    Use it up, Wear it out,
    Make it do, Or do without. ~unknown

    A clean house is a sign of a wasted life. ~unknown

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    Interesting. I don't think I can carve out $1000 from actual expenses like utilities, but I can do it by continuing my efforts to pay down debt.
    2020 Pay Off Debt Challenge: $25,675.45/$25,676.45 (Goal COMPLETED: Pay Off By 12/30/2020)

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