NH: farmstands, PYO, festivals, dollar stretchers, etc.
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    Default NH: farmstands, PYO, festivals, dollar stretchers, etc.

    I just spent an hour (or more?) going through the state Ag site trying to find places that do PYO, farmstands, etc. so I can plan a few weekend jaunts that also result in us having food cheaper.

    Specifically, this time I was looking for PYO ORGANIC strawberries. Since strawberries retain more pesticide load than any other produce, I've decided that I have to resist the cheap strawberries showing up in the markets. (Difficult, as I dearly love them!)

    FYI if you are interested in such things, there is not one site that lists all this data,there are 4 or 5 places you need to look to be able to compile all the data for planning weekend jaunts such as what I have in mind! To save someone else the work I've had to do, so far, here are brief descriptions of the various directories/lists and what you'll find there.

    I still have to combine a lot of this info., so I can plan our "jaunts" but now I have the raw data I need. I thought this would be SIMPLE! (HA!)


    The NH state Ag markets and food division has a Harvest Your Own Directory, 2008. This list is first by county and lists farm names and towns, that's all (1 page) then there is a more complete list which follows with what they sell and when (4 pages, last updated 7/08). Link here:


    There's a NH state 2009 Farmers' Markets List, which lists these, the dates they're open, etc. YOu can find that list here:


    The Farm Stand Directory has not been updated since 2008. The format is the same as the Harvest Your Own Directory, a short list by county/name and then a more detailed list. That list is here:


    A list of the Ag-related festivals is not very long for a state with so much agriculture/nature emphasis! Just the same, here is where you can find that:


    One of the best PYO sites seems to be private. This lists the farm names, a detailed list of what they sell & when as well as directions to get to them, and other features (birthday paries, bus tours, bathrooms, cc usage, etc.) That list is here:


    The NH dollar stretchers are specials at tourist sites. You can find it here:


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    I live very close to the NH and have family who live there, so this will come in handy. Thanks!
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    If you are close to Alton, there is a place that hydroponic grown strawberries. There is also Shartner's on the West Side road in North Conway that has PYO but I don't know if they use pesticides. Thanks for the many links.


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    Nostalgic moment - I remember a farm stand in East Kingston NH at Monaghan Farms - unbelieveable produce. Miss places and people like that!!

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