What are you paying this week for...?
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    Default What are you paying this week for...?

    The post about the cost of food rising made me think it might be a good idea to track costs more regionally. What are your most common purchases every week, what are you paying for them and where?

    I'm just starting to track prices, and have to go shopping tonight, but I'll be tracking prices on:

    1) Over the Moon Milk - 1/2 gallon
    2) Arnold's Country White Bread & 12 grain whole wheat
    3) 1 lbs. ground beef
    4) one whole chicken
    5) Tomatoes - just curious really

    I shop at Market Basket and live in Essex County, MA

    Anyone else want to compare prices?

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    all i can help with at the moment is what i purchased last night at our local mom-pop shop.... (we don't have 'chain' stores around here in our little town).....

    milk -1 gallon prairie farms 2% $2.49
    eggs- med 1 doz $1.29 (large were $1.59)
    chicken fryers on sale .99 lb
    wheat bread store brand $1.09
    pork chops..boneless-thick cut $2.79 lb

    gas currently is at $2.04 a gallon.....

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    Here in Maine the prices look like this:

    A half gallon of milk is about $2.00
    A loaf of wheat bread is $1.50
    A lb. of ground beef in about $2.50 for 80%
    I only buy whole chickens when they are .69 lb or better
    And tomatoes are about 1.50 per lb

    Gas is about $2.05 per gallon

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    I'm in Northern Maine
    I only buy gallons of milk and it depends on where I buy it , it is between 3.43 and 3.79
    Walmarts wheat bread is 1.52
    A pound of hamburg any where from 1.99-3.99 a pound
    I have chickens so I do not buy eggs
    Bought a whole chicken at 2.43 not sure the price per pound.
    Gas is 2.17 a gallon
    I like the prices in southern Maine better

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