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    Default Hello All, New Member posting for the first time

    Hi All,

    I'm new to cast iron cooking; a had a camping cast iron set, Wenzel, I bought years ago when my kids were into Boy Scouting but didn't really use it much. I have recently retired and taken an interest in cooking in general and the use of cast iron or carbon steel cookware. I spent several weeks viewing the numerous U-Tube cooking with cast iron or carbon steel videos and thought my next step should be to join a good forum. So, here I am.

    I've re-seasoned my 12" CI skillet and had good results with eggs not sticking.

    I just purchased a Lodge carbon steel 12' skillet and used it for the first time this morning cooking hash and eggs; using medium heat and a little canola oil the hash stuck big time; after that cleaned up with a little boiling water and cooked eggs (with a little butter) with no sticking.

    I'm thinking that the Lodge skillet could benefit from additional seasoning and I'm attempting to re-season over the original factory seasoning with canola oil heating the skillet to 450 for about an hour.

    Has anyone re-seasoned an existing seasoned pan with Flax Oil without stripping the old seasoning off with any success?



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    Hi and welcome!

    There are some posts from various members about cast iron cookware here at FV, but I have no idea in what thread they would be. Sorry!

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    The first time you cook with a clean pan stuff will stick. And probably the second and third times. Just cook bacon in it as often as possible and it'll be fine.

    I have found that a simple wipe with a paper towel after cooking -- to remove any food bits -- is what keeps the iron in good shape. Try not to remove all the leftover oil or grease, and wash with soap only rarely. Store the greasy pan in the oven if you don't want to look at it. If you have to wash it, season it again with leftover bacon fat or lard, it does not need the oven treatment again. Just cook in it.

    Also, cast iron is low and slow cooking. It's fine to get it hot on an 8 or 9 setting at first, but cook food on medium or medium low (4-6). I'm guessing that if you had lowered the heat and continued cooking the hash it would have eventually released with a nice crispy bottom.

    Finally, fresh new cast iron has a very rough surface that food likes to get into and stick on. Repeated cooking will fill the microscopic pocks with baked on oil, and scraping with metal utensils will smooth the bumps. That takes years, and lots of regular cooking.
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