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    Default Hello from Ohio

    Hi Everyone!
    I was one these boards a few years ago..and life got in the way.
    I was formerly CrazyCat..or perhaps QueenBee....I've gone by both.

    I'm copying and pasting an introduction again:

    How did you hear about Frugal Village? many years ago I was here.
    What interests you here? Frugality. Like-minded friends...
    What will you contribute? anything I can. I recently became debt free~even paid off the mortgage.
    Do you know any other members here? No
    How many kids? Ages? I have 2 boys. One is married, he's 33. He works for his uncle in industrial maint. My youngest is 25, engaged and I have a wedding in July. Still lives at home and I've let his fiancee move in she's going to college to be a teacher.
    Tell us about yourself. I'm 59 this year. (having a crisis about THAT)~going to retire in about 2-3 years.
    Do you own any pets? I have 2 inside kitties, 2 outside kitties that were dropoff's
    Occupation ?I'm a number cruncher...I work for a school system doing payroll
    Married or single? Happily..going on 33 years. DH just retired.
    Interests and hobbies?I like to paint, garden, read and write.
    We have a huge garden, and I can my own spaghetti sauce among other things.

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    Welcome all over again . I think I remember CrazyCat. Not sure. Hope you stick around this time. Looking forward to reading your posts and comments.
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    Back looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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