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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Katie and I just registered to become a member of Frugal Village. I am a homemaker married to a service member in the United States Army. We have three kids (all boys). My husband doesn't want anything to do with our finances. This is a double edge sword; on one hand what I say goes with little resistance for the most part and on the other hand I wish he did show more interest.

    I discovered this group while reading The Index Card Why Personal Finance Doesn't Have To Be Complicated. I was reading the section about finding an accountablity pal thinking to myself that is never going to happen. Despite how the military community is protrade as one big close family it just simple is not true. When it comes to gossip and bored housewives if someone smells blood in the water (what better blood than finances) the gossip mill will run at full speed. This group was given as an alternitive to telling a friend.

    Our finances are not in horrible shape but there is always room for improvement. My goal is to clear up what debt we have to free up more money for savings and index stock investments to help pad my husband's pension for life after Army.

    Thank you for reading.

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    To Frugal Village if there is any questions just ask some one will answer or point you in the right direction for answers.

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    I find what works for me is to not view being frugal as a chore or sacrifice. Instead I try to make it a fun joyous thing. To live the very best life you can with what you have. To seek things that give you happiness and health and contentment. And yes some of those things cost money. But as you search and find there will be many things out there.

    Free events in your community. A walk through public gardens. A board game with friends and family. Crafts with just a few dollars of fabric or even a recycled bit of clothing. A few dollars of embroidery thread that lasts for hours and hours. Free books to read on line. Making cookies. Finding new recipes that are delicious and healthy and frugal.

    Of course the other half is putting more money to savings and paying off debt. It is good to have as much possibility set up automatically. We have extra money set up to go to our credit cards. Then we don't really think about it till we pay off one debt and set it to the next. We don't think about whether we have enough left to pay extra. It is counted as a fixed expense and always paid.

    Of course in a genuine financially emergency we can change the auto payment.

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