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    Default reintroducing myself

    Hey all,
    I joined up here back in 2018, don't recall if i ever introduced myself (and i didn't see one in a quick search) so here goes. Back then i joined to view the cast iron cooking thread after inheriting my grandmothers skillet.

    Haven't done much since but browse things here and there that interested me. But then i got an email with an interesting thread in it so i decided to come back to discuss that item. That's when i found you have to make 10 posts before you can reply to items here. Even your own threads. So here i am making posts so i can participate.

    Little about me -
    i love to cook, not the best, but i only set my smoke alarm off once this month My son keeps saying he's going to sign me up for that Worst Cooks show, but after watching that, I see i'm not a worst cook contestant.
    my cast iron skillets, air fryer, and instant pot have become my best friends lately.

    I live in the PNW, or maybe frozen in the central mountains of Idaho is a better description. I'm a mid 40's single dad, like walks in the woods (nearest beach is 10 hours if you drive like the Bandit), all kinds of outdoor things like camping, fishing, hunting, and so on, playing Xbox with my son (turned 20 this past fall) in the evenings before going to bed to read until my brain unwinds so i can sleep.

    I'm a geek by trade - Server admin and software support for an engineering firm here - and get paid to do my hobby pretty much.

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    Welcome back. Stick around this time. You only have 4 more posts to go to make the 10.
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    Welcome back one of the best cooks i every knew was a man and he cooked from scratch he was my husband youngest brother and my husband couldn't boil water without scorching it

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