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    Default Foodsaver question

    I'd had a Foodsaver for several years, but it is the basic, cheapest version that doesn't have an attachment for vacuum sealing jars, and it is not possible to get this as an add-on for this type of Foodsaver.
    Do you think a vacuum sealer with the jar attachment is useful enough that you would upgrade if you didn't have one with this attachment?

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    I use the jar sealer more than the vacuum sealer. However, I don't know that I'd replace a working unit just to use that feature.

    I like the jar sealer, as I hate buying bags. I do still have to get bags, but not as often. I use it rice and grains, sugar, flour etc.

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    I have a basic model that can't seal the jars. BUT when mine dies I will get one that does the jars. Check out this youtube video about ways to use the jar sealer. It is great!


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