I want to get back into freezing meals ahead, now that we have a freezer again. I used to like some of the casserole recipes in the OAMC book, but they are based on thawing the casserole overnight and reheating it in the oven.

I would prefer to use those Tupperware freezer to m/w things, I think called Rock'n'Serve, and be able to reheat them from frozen, in the microwave. They have a little steam vent on the lid that you open when you're nuking it. (I just don't want to mess with heavy glass/Corning ware pans, or have to keep buying disposable aluminum pans. Also I want to save some time, and not have to decide the night before on what to thaw for dinner.)

I have some small Tupperware ones I've used to freeze individual portions of soup and chili, and they work great. But I wonder how well the OAMC recipes (and other casserole recipes) might work out in the larger ones, and how to figure out cooking times and power settings. And will they come out pale or soggy because of not being baked?

Any tips welcomed!