ants in the garden....
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    Default ants in the garden....

    Anyone have ants and anthills in their gardens? How did you get rid of them? I have an anthill that's pretty large in the front garden. In fact, I have never even seen a hill this large before. I don't want to waste time on chemicals that really don't work well and would like to save myself the expense of hiring someone to rid the yard of them before they venture in.

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    Sara, we have anthills too this year and they are the worse I've ever seen them. In the fields they are unreal. They are on the sidewalks in our small town, along side the roadways, just EVERYWHERE this year.

    Because we have so many this year, I've decided to purchase ant killer yesterday because I just can't keep up with the homemade stuff.

    The homemade recipe that I have and that works very well is:

    2 parts molasses
    1 part sugar
    1 part yeast

    Mix together and place on cardboard or Reynold's wrap where you know they are.

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    I don't do anything with ants. They dont' seem to do anything to my plants so I leave them. If I saw they were doing something then they better watch out!!

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    We had ants outside the backdoor once and my brother poured boiling water on them!!! But it did the trick.

    I have them now in the KITCHEN! I'm not sure what to do about that as I don't want to use poison for obvious reasons.

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