anyone know how to get rid of ants? UPDATE
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    Default anyone know how to get rid of ants? UPDATE

    Good news! I cleaned the kitchen from top to toe last night and when I removed all the things from the window sill I found the secret ants' cave. Just before we went to Sydney, I bought a moneywort plant and put it on the window sill - they were in there! There were trillions of them + eggs and the queen. They are now soaking in a bucket of rainwater, later I'll drain the plant off and repot it.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions.

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    I was gonna say the vinegar. I also go through my cabinets ,wipe everything down with the vinegar & bag everything they'd like up. No dishes in sink,no anything anywhere food wise. Wish I could be of more help.I do set those traps you can buy in the store at various places in my house where I see the devils.
    Super bad years I have sprayed the perimeter of my home with not nice stuff.
    I feel your disgustedness. Yuck!!!

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    I have seen my Mom put the skin protion of cucumbers on a paper towel behind her sink. I would guess it is the acid in them they don't like.

    But like Darlene says, until you rip everything apart and clean it down with vinegar, they will keep coming back for whatever attracted them to start with.

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    Glad you found the source of the problem and hope you are ant free real soon!

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