super fleas-- help!
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    Angry super fleas-- help!

    Somehow, our three indoor cats have gotten fleas.  They never go outside, so we're not sure how this happened, but, it did.

    We have treated all the cats twice, sprayed all the carpets, "boiled" all the bedding (hot water washed), and most recently used two flea bombs.  We've had these critters almost a month now, and we just can't seem to get rid of them!  Dh has taken to calling them super fleas because it seems that they just can't be killed.

    I read the thread a while back about home remedies, and would like to try some more of them.   I have borax, but, what if I put it out and the cats eat or drink it?  Won't that hurt them?

    And, on an even more gross note, does anyone know how to make them stop biting ME?  I hesitated to post this because it is so embarrassing to me.  I feel like people think my house must be terribly dirty or something.  But, it's not, I swear!  For some reason DH and DD don't seem to be bothered, but I have bites and I must be allergic because they itch like crazy.   So if anyone knows how to keep them off the humans, please .

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    It just happens - The best part is - Fleas drown so easily - If you could soak down the kitties and spray your self with some OFF. The Borax will be fine - It is natural and it wont hurt the kitties but if you could mix it with water and spray it along the sideboards and on the furniture it will be much more effective. I hate fleas - I used to let my weezils go outside and because of the places they can get too they always came back in with and infestation. One quick bath and the fleas were all dead. Once you get them all killed in the house - you should just quickly dunk the kitties everytime they go outside so that you don't have the problem again. I read once that they were repelled by citronella too.

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    Jimmy came home with us with fleas. ugh He's so small and had some. I'm sure we'll have to bomb soon. I've bathed him, but don't want to bathe him too much and dry out his skin.

    The vet said he was too young still to be put on any flea control, so I'm waiting a couple of weeks and then we'll get him on a flea control program and I'll have him dipped at the vets and then we can bomb the house.

    I don't know how many he has left after the baths or how many are in the house. I don't see any, but I just KNOW they are here. lol

    I've been washing my brains out and hoping this whole scene will be over soon.

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