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    Default Spider in my daughter's bed

    One night when my daughter was about 4 years old, she cried and cried that there was a spider in her bed. Each time I went in and pulled the blankets down and searched and each time I told her there was no spider and that she was having a bad dream and to go back to bed. Well the next morning, I was making the bed and I found the biggest, blackest spider that I have ever seen. I felt so bad! Here I was telling her that it wasn't there and all the while it was crawling all over her. It never bit her and I think it was just a regular old spider but It really scared the life out of me never mind my poor little 4 year old I felt like the worst mother. She still talks about it and she is 14.

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    we just killed a widow that was hanging out with my bunny. they give me the willies. spiders, not bunnies. those and scorpions freak me out.

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    Nancy, That would be scary. I can imagine. Fortunately nothing came of it and you got rid of the spider.
    Missy, oh my! I wouldn't like a black widow either.
    Well, I was just on the porch and it look like Shemp has now moved in. I take their webs down during the day and they put them back up at night. If I could charge rent I'd be rich! So, now we have Moe, Larry, Curly, CurlyJoe, and Shemp....I am running out of names......I may have to resort to something else.....kinda hate to do it.

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