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    Default Amazing pets

    Thought I would start another pet thread.

    One of my cats will bring me "presents" which involves her yelling out of the side of her mouth while she brings me one of her toys in her mouth. Sometimes she will do this in the wee hours of the morning. My other cat has never done this. Until yesterday. She has a "stick" that she loves to play with. So twice she brought it to me. All the time yelling out of the side of her mouth while she was bringing it to me. She of course wanted to play.

    Whenever they do something like this I am always just so over the moon about how smart they are. Also what great pets they are.

    So what has your pet done lately that makes you think they are just amazing.

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    My pets are great companions...but dumb as cardboard. It's okay...I love them .Zhora's most amazing feat is being adorable and the best snuggler ever. She is part golden retriever, part Chesepeak and part??? She can't fetch, hates the water and is a big baby.
    My cat is 20 pounds, 14 years old and very good at nappng.
    They love us unconditionally, to me..that is amazing.

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    One of my hedgehogs chirps until I pick him up. If I'm just in the room he wont do it but if I talk he will start up. My daughter can hold him, snuggled in a blanket, talking herself, he wont do it, he's quiet as a mouse but if I come into the room talking he will start chirping and wont stop even though she is holding him, until she hands him off to me. Supposedly hedgehogs aren't social, needing humans, but I'm convinced this one wants me. The other hedgehog has nothing to do with me.

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    So cute about the Hedgehogs. Those pics were so cute! I don't know much about them.

    At the moment I have 3 dead mice at the sliding glass door. Nice.

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