For those that are expecting......
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    Default For those that are expecting......

    How is everyone doing? What's the latest update from Dr.s visits.

    So far me and baby are doing well. I had my latest appointment this past Wed. Although it was a little early (I was only 15 weeks) the ultra sound tech said she thinks its a girl, but not to rush out and buy anything new until after my Oct. appointment when they will do another ultrasound to confirm (or deny) the sex of the baby.

    I still have a few day's where I am more tired than usual, but I think the fact that I was training the new employee and was working 50+ hours for 3 weeks between her being hired, trained and working out her 2 week notice at her last job. Thankfully that all ended and she started full time last Monday so all I am getting right now is 40-42 and I am perfectly happy with that.

    My next appointment is Wed. Oct. 15th and I will hopefully be able to tell you for sure what the sex is. For now, girl or not, Paige is still set on calling it "Batman"

    Hope you are all doing well.

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    Ooh how exciting! I'm doing rather well. The baby is very active and other people are able to feel him kicking. I'm starting to get my energy back, it's about time. I've also gotten my appetite back, and then some.

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    So far mom and baby are fine. I'm 16 weeks and our ultrasound is scheduled for a little less than 2 weeks from now. I can hardly wait.

    I've been pretty tired lately. This only started in my second trimester. I'm also still having morning sickness. It wasn't so bad today but I ate like a pig today so maybe that is why.

    The only problem I'm having is with a spot on my leg. I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow so hopefully we will figure out what is wrong.

    I haven't felt the baby move yet but it's my first baby so it may take me a while. I also haven't really gained weight. I lost weight the first trimester and I'm just now back where I started. My body is definatley changing though.

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    Well I new here, but I'll join in!

    I'm just at 31 weeks and everything is going well. Baby is doing great and my blood pressure is normal. This is good because pre-eclampsia runs in my family. My first was induced 2 weeks early because my blood pressure kept creeping up and my OB was uncomfortable with letting me go longer. Hopefully this time around it won't be an issue

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    I'm 31 weeks today. Our early ultrasound showed a couple of possible issues, but the follow up ultrasound looked good and all the follow up tests are fine. I'm gaining well, but have a virus at the moment. We are having a boy after three girls! It was pretty obvious in the follow up ultrasound!

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