What to look for in a Diaper Bag?
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    Default What to look for in a Diaper Bag?

    Although I have three kids I missed the baby stage with each (step kids). So now that I'm expecting I get to do all the baby stuff. Woohoo!!!

    I've already registered for most of the items I need (and want), however I didn't want someone else to pick out a diaper bag.

    What qualities should I look for when picking out our diaper bag?

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    Personally, I love the Lands End Diaper bags. They take a beating and still work wonderfully.

    You need to decide what size you want. Personally I have both the everyday size and the weekend trip size.

    What I call the everyday size:

    What I call the weekend size:

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    I am a Ju-Ju-Be gal myself. I have had several and I just got one for my birthday. They are tops in looks, they are a quality bag, they are versatile, and they last! You can check out their website at http://www.ju-ju-be.com/
    I have the Be All in Drip Drops. I have had several of them - mainly purchased from eBay and then when I wanted a change, I would put them back on eBay. I hope that helps!

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