How many clothes?
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    Default How many clothes?

    So does anyone have any good lists of how many outfits a child needs at each age. I will have a washer...

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    I personally wouldn't buy a thing. You will probably have more than enough things given to you.

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    ~There's just too many variables to give a list. Depends on your weather, how often you want to do laundry and how messy your child happens to be.
    My kids were not at all messy(spit-up, leaks, food spills, etc)so I got by just fine with 5-7 of everything(onesies, gowns, undershirts, sleepers, tees, rompers, pairs of socks, hats, burp cloths, receiving blankets).
    You could use 5 as a starting point, then adjust it to your needs later.~

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    Smile I like the # 7...

    when I was pregnant w/ my son I got about 14 onesies (live onesies so their tummy doesn't show) about 7 pr of socks (when they are little almost EVERYTHING has feet in them) 7 terry sleepers, 2 or 3 blanket sleepers, 7 each short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, shorts, pants and a couple of dozen cloth diapers (my mom moved in to help me and we lived for 6 months after he was born in a 1 bedroom apartment and the moved into a 2 bedroom for 5 years, but both apartments had laundry rooms so I had my own washer/dryer). Also, I would buy clothes up to size 14 (he is going into the last bag this winter at garage sales, thrift stores, hand me downs and put them in garbage bags and throw them in the apartment attic each bag indicating the size of clothes inside it so that when he would grow into the next, I was ready and didn't have to buy new not to mention if he didn't wear something at a 50 cent investment, no great loss AND the whole bag investment was maybe $25-50). Good luck!!!!

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