Looking for AIO Cloth Diapers?
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    Default Looking for AIO Cloth Diapers?

    I've been doing a lot of research on cloth diapers. I wasn't so sure if I was going to use them, but I decided to use them at home and disposables at daycare and traveling.

    On ebay, I found a lady that has started up her own business making AIO cloth diapers. From what I've read about how she makes them, and her feedback, they look good to me. At least, they look easy enough to use. I ordered 40 diapers from her. She does take special orders and will make just about whatever color you want. She makes 4 different sizes and the prices range from $5-$8 each. Her shipping rate is just $4.00 no matter how many diapers you order.

    Her ebay user name is sweetbottomsclothdiapers.

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    I liked AIO for when my girls were older. newborns go through a lot of diapers. for the first while I am only using flannel fitteds and flats with covers. saves a lot of time.

    but that price seems really good!

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    thank you for sharing. I have bought some great ones from an ebay user whose ebay username is gator-babies

    hers are so great . Great for overnight and naptimes even.

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