Prepping - being prepared for the unthinkable
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    Exclamation Prepping - being prepared for the unthinkable

    For the past year I've begun the "prepping" journey. I've posted a number of websites and stickied them here in the homesteading forum in regards to stock piling.

    I've had a feeling for quite some time to stockpile, to be ready for an emergency. The feeling has become more urgent in the past several months so I've been planning and stockpiling.

    This week I plan on purchasing another 300# of wheat (there is severe drought both here in Canada and in many parts of the States). I also plan on purchasing Olive oil, 100# of rice, 50# of honey, 100# of pasta to add to my growing stockpile. I'm also going to see about getting 200# of potatoes and 50# of onions.

    I'm also planning on storing water in our basement. It is very cool down there (no heat) so I can store many things with no problems.

    Have any of you thought about this or do you already do it.

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    I have a rather large stockpile of food.... I keep much of it in the basement... We have renovated a room there and includes supplies such as a large jacket for each family member, extra shoes, blankets, matches, flashlights, meds ( I rotate often ) lots of fresh batteries, can opener, fuel stove, smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, weather band radio w/P.A. system, water, whistles, emergency info, a little cash.... We live in Tornado Alley so a safe place is very important !! dh found a pig iron box that he bolted down, it is big enough for the kids to crawl into... This would help them escape injury from flying debris..
    I feel well prepared.... I do however not keep an ammo stockpile as many do....

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    What are your tips for storing potatoes? I would like to stockpile them, but I fear attracting bugs or mice. Our basement is not heated, so I could keep them down there. How do you suggest I store them?

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    I'm very eager to learn about stockpiling- and I will take a look at all the sites that you have listed. My biggest question is how do you come up with what to stockpile in the line of groceries? Do you keep track of what you eat for a certain period of time, etc? Did you change the way you eat when you decided what to stockpile? Or do you just stockpile the things that your family eats? For example- I notice Cj that you have wheat stockpiled. I wouldn't know what to do with wheat- maybe I should be stockpiling flour instead?

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