The homesteaders "emergency" kit
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    Exclamation The homesteaders "emergency" kit

    Do you have one and if so whats in it?

    We have an emergency kit both for the homestead, for dh's workshop and for our van.

    We have:

    - an insulated blanket
    - candles
    - matches
    - bandaids (of all sizes)
    - aspirin
    - scissors
    - safety pins
    - blood pressure pills
    - asthma medicine
    - cough syrup
    - rubbing alcohol
    - antiseptic soap
    - flashlight
    - rubber gloves

    We need to add:

    - batteries
    - battery operated radio
    - need to get more rubber gloves

    Whats on your emergency list and do you have it ready for an emergency.

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    I have all that and then some...
    Add to your list...
    Extra pair of shoes, jacket and coat for family... shoes are especially important !! In the event of disaster there may be lots of debris and shoes would protect against foot injury and frost bit in cold areas (you may need this in the middle of the night when you can't grab shoes)

    Water... Lots of it....5 gallons per family member just for drinking and cooking...

    water tablets.... for purifying water....

    Emergency info... phone #s, Medical info and a emergency card w/photo for each family member...Make this card on your computer....include a release for emergency medical treatment for the kids.....make a couple of copies and keep in a safe place and keep in the visor of your car or with the registration papers in the glove box of the car...

    Trash bags... Heavy duty... To use as rain coats, water catchers, boots in the snow.. What ever.....

    Duct tape.... Never leave home without it !!! In fact... Don't stay home without it either... Useful tool... can be used to repair many things, used to make bindings and rope, as bandages for severe injuries.... many other uses !!!

    Pen and paper... so you can leave notes for family, friends, insurance... whoever... Keeping everyone informed in an emergency is very important !!!

    Keep snacks such as peanut butter and crackers in the car... water is important too...

    There is more but this will get you started !!!!

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    Thanks for posting this ladies- we have nothing!! This will give me a list to go by to get started!

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