USB Drive for a Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.)
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    Default USB Drive for a Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.)


    After reading the thread about Bug Out Bags, I started thinking about what to include on an emergency USB drive. Obviously, there would be encription software as well as Adobe Reader (if that were the format I would be using). Below is a list of files that I would consider adding to the drive. Do you see any glaring omissions or things that you would definitely NOT put on the list? Thanks.

    Birth Certificates for all family members
    Social Security Cards for all family members
    Driver's Licenses for all driving family members
    Bank and credit card information
    Mortgage papers
    Home, life and vehicle insurance information
    Current Photos of all family members
    Vehicle title(s)
    Marriage records
    Church records
    Medical Information

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    Next of Kin contact info

    and if it is encrypted, make the next of kin NOT encrypted and let them (NOK) know the passwords etc. Also clearly mark on USB drive what it is FOR. EMT's etc wont know. This is of course worst case scenerio, where car accident etc wipes out all of you. (sorry). Also highly recomend make a copy and either place in safety deposit box or give to NOK. Update maybe once a year.

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