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I just went back and read my original post from April 2008 and I'm proud of myself. So much has happened in 1 1/2 years. We paid off our debt, eloped that October 2008, so we wouldn't have to pay the high costs of a traditional wedding. Started our family in the fall 2008 and have still remained debt free. We knew this year would be our toughest year yet, so we did put savings aside for it. Life is so full of ups and downs. I think the trick is to just spend wisely, make the best decisions for your family, and really adopt a frugal lifestyle for life, not just for the tough times. We don't really feel deprived this year, because we have been saving money and not buying many things (by choice) for years now.

If my family and friends knew we were living on $20,000 this year they would probably wonder how it's possible. I'd have to direct them to this site for guidance, because it took years to prepare a way of life (and new outlook) that can survive on one income.
Absolutely outstanding post!