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    as far as the cooking oil, remember you would be making all of your own baked foods as well, from scratch - meaning if you want bread (any kind), cakes, cookies, etc - you have to make them, including the oil. Also, and I am assuming here, haven't gone to the website, they give you powdered butter which is hard to cook with, so you would be using oil in your pan rather than pam or butter. maybe not 4 gallons worth, but def more than you use now.

    I would get this for my family of 5 as suppliment and "just in case" foods, but not as our primary source of nutrition. Which is why when I am building my stockpile, I am trying to make a variety.

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    Nope. I like picking my own food, but I did send it to my favorites because I want to do a little more nosing around on the site. There may be some things I need from there.


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