I don't buy that brand, I buy Harmony House from mail order. They are working on their organic certification. I don't like all the stuff they put in regular, everyday store-bought cans which is why I buy the brand I do. I don't want to stock up on frozen goods because both of my fridges are aging now and I don't want to run and stress if one goes out. It tastes much better than canned IMO also.

You do not need electricity to store it "properly". It is not like a store bought can of ravioli (wet, moist). It is dry. It doesn't become "active" until water is added. It can sit on a shelf and stay good. Scoop what you want and put the lid back on.

The kids like them. Just yesterday my oldest was hungry so he went into my sampler pack and got a spoon of all the veggies he likes, some seasonings and made his own veggie soup for a snack. (I refill my sampler packs for convenience and keep them in a pretty box)

When we got our tax refund, I bought their veggie package ($400ish). I ended up with a coupon (it was either10% or 15% - something I never find at the store for veggies) and free shipping.