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    Quote Originally Posted by madhen View Post
    I have no problem with prepping, and I wasn't asking to be facetious. As I said, I have a lot of respect for people who are organized enough to keep a year's worth of food inventory rotated and fresh. I can't even keep track of the food in my fridge! I am just wondering if most preppers have a specific scenario they are imagining that would result in a lot of disenfranchised people roaming around trying to kill for food/resources, or if you are prepping with no real concept of what might cause the collapse you fear. The first lesson of being prepared for any disaster is to imagine it and to walk yourself through it mentally, so I am wondering what scenario you all are imagining/preparing for. I can see you are prepared to hunker down and defend your territory, but to me, without having an understanding of the specific circumstances that will lead to that event, I would feel only half-prepared.

    Another economic collapse, while possible, has already been experienced by both this country and other countries (and is being experienced in both to some extent, in current times), and as far as I know, there is no Thunderdome in existence because of it, so there must be some other "x" factor you are considering that I am missing?
    I usually just lurk here but this is a scenario that I think could really happen and has caused me to start to prep.

    It all starts with Israel attacking Iran. That leads to Iran responding with attacks against Israel and the USA. One of their first targets is the fifth fleet in the Gulf and they effectively shut down the Strait of Hormuz. They could also attack the oil wells in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This starts a war that could lead to world war 3. Oil Prices skyrocket causing gas prices to go through the roof. A lot of gas stations won't be able to afford to refill their tanks. Trucking companies will go out of business. Those that can afford to stay in business will have to raise their prices. That will cause food prices to soar. People won't be able to afford to go to work or buy food. That will cause crime to soar and roaming gangs will loot food stores and hijack shipments. If the blockade lasts long the gas prices are going to continue to rise and will eventually reach a price that no one can afford expect for the super wealthy or the military for the war. This will force most food companies out of business. Now there is no food and people are attacking each other to get what ever food they can.

    I worked as a sales rep with a company that sold to gas stations when gas went up to $4 originally. I had 30 out of my 100 independent accounts close because they couldn't afford to buy the next tanker of gas. I had even more that had to stop stocking the inside of their stations with food so they could afford to buy the gas. If oil prices doubled over night that would force even some big name chains to close some stores and I'm sure the ones that will go first are the ones in the poorer neighborhoods that won't be able to afford the gas. That is going to lead to more crime.

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    Thanks, made582! I appreciate you taking time to post, especially with the perspective you have from your previous employment.
    DH aka Mad Hen

    Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want. Anna Lappe

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    made582, that scenario sounds entirely possible. That is the kind of thing that can sneak up and boom, SHTF!
    SHTF comes in many forms, and too many for us all to even consider.

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