If there ever was a fire.......
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    Default If there ever was a fire.......

    Hi. I am looking for some help on something important to me.
    I always wonder, if there ever was a fire in our home, what would I take if I had an extra second? In my home, it is my husband, myself and our two girls ages 9 months and 4. I would like to have a bag packed with some things (that I could toss out the window from our second floor) if I had an extra second to do so. My family is the most important thing, so this is just if I have time to grab it and throw it out the window sort of thing. Any ideas on what I should put in my bag? And also I have a small bag at my parents home with just a change of clothing for each girl and some diapers and wipes. If we'd have a fire and just run out with the clothes on our backs, it's nice to know my girls will at least have something in another place as well. Thanks in advance for all the tips!

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    A tube of flammazine. That was the first thought crossing my head reading the question. Its a medication to relieve (not too bad) burning wounds. It is definitely something I would want to have in the situation, but before use, you might want to check if its child compatible.

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    I've been through a fire and its weird what goes through your mind when it is happening. I kept seeing flashes of everything i had that was going up in flames. I keep a bug-out bag for dd and myself in the car.

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    You're basically talking about a Bug-Out Bag which you could use for any emergency where you have to leave on a moment's notice, whether it be a fire or just a very sick kid that needs to go to the hospital.

    I don't recommend throwing the bag out the window. The will be a backpack so you can just put it on your back and go (probably along with your purse). Since you have two small ones, consider getting an emergency evacuation apron and storing it with the Bug-Out Bag. With the apron, you can pop the baby in a large pocket on the front and free up your hands for the 4-yr old. Alternately you can store the apron in the baby's room the grab the Bug-Out Bag as you're walking out the door (the BOB is usually stored near the most used door.)

    Some things to consider:

    ~ Money - cash. I would say $200 at a minimum but adjust that according to your financial ability.
    ~ Extra set of keys - car, house, safety deposit box, lock on the shed, whatever. In case of a fire, it is always nice to back out the car(s) from the garage so they don't burn along with the house. And a car offers a nice place to shelter while the fire trucks are doing their thing.
    ~ Change of clothes for each of you - especially decent shoes for you. If you have to leave in the middle of the night you really aren't going to have time to search in the dark for a pair of shoes.
    ~ Medicines that the family takes regularly; a 3 day supply.
    ~ A bottle of water. This is assuming that the bag isn't used for the kind of emergency where water won't normally be available (natural disaster, etc)
    ~ A small first aid kit is always nice but lets assume if you have a fire an ambulance is going to be there in minutes anyway.
    ~ A list of needed phone numbers. IF you thought to grab your cellphone, you probably didn't grab your charger so an extra charger, especially an extra car charger, would be nice. You might not be in a place where you can plug in your cellphone charger but you can almost always plug in a car charger.
    ~ Non-perishable comfort food, especially something the little ones will like.
    ~ Feminine sanitary supplies
    ~ Flashlight - extra batteries
    ~ ID for you and everyone in the family. Copies of important papers (mortgage papers, insurance papers - car / house / renters / life), bank account numbers, etc.

    I hope that helps.

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    As a firefighter, I just want to emphasize that the bug-out bag needs to be already out of the house. It can be in the car, in the toolshed, wherever, but not in the house. The idea of "grabbing something on the way out" is very dangerous. Get the family out; get the cat and dog out; then get the hell out!

    To add to the "what's in the bag" ideas: if you do any work (including volunteer work or personal work) on a computer, a recent set of backup files should be in the bag.

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    I'm with Keith. Things you cant replace after a fire should have a duplicate copy stored at another location - you already have things for the girls at your parents so thats where i would choose.

    Its also what i do. I keep a thumb drive in my parents fire safe with copies of important papers and family photos. Anything else can be replaced.

    On the drive, I keep:
    PDF copies of all important papers - deeds, wills, car titles etc
    A spread sheet of account numbers and other information - encrypted
    Digital copies of photos.
    Photos of exspensive / valuable household items
    Spread sheet with record of model and serial number of exspensive / valuable household items.
    Photos of each room in the house - to help remember things that need replacing.

    The spare keys are a good idea. I might add that next time i am over there to update the drive.

    Also - most of these files can also be kept on a cloud. There are plenty of free ones that provide enough storage space.

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