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Thread: prepping?

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    Question prepping?

    Is prepping the same as stockpiling? Is it done to save money or done for some sort of survivalist reason or disaster plan?

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    Here is a thread homestead mamma posted that may help you.

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    Prepping is very, very different than stockpiling your pantry.

    Prepping, as I mentioned in the other thread is preparing for a disaster, emergency, a 9/11 situation, unemployment.

    In stocking your pantry, you stock every day items and you can have a pantry that will last you a couple months, some items maybe a year.

    In prepping, you deliberately stockpile for has long as you can, in many cases a year. If we had not done prepping when I felt the urge to do so at the beginning of 2002, we would not have survived dh's unemployment. It got us through a time when we had no income and didn't want to dip into our savings.

    At the present time, my stockpile (both pantry and stock) are low and I'm now once again building both up.

    There are some great prepping sites that I've posted in the stickie here in this forum on prepping. I'm sure you'll find lots of information on it.

    If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to get as much information to you as possible.

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