Stockpile/Prep Successes?
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    Default Stockpile/Prep Successes?

    I see lots of threads and posts on what people have stock piled and how to prep.

    I'm interested in what worked out best for folks.

    Like I over stocked rice (harder to cook for me), the success was cracked wheat! Cooks up faster and makes good sweet and savory dishes both.

    Also, sardines were a good stock pile compared to beans for the summer. Beans need cooking and it's been too hot to cook inside, not sunny enough to solar cook them most days. Sardines and other canned meats worked best.

    Getting chickens and building a better coop worked out great! Enough eggs to eat and share.

    Stocking up on underwear worked out for preventing extra trips to town for laundry during covid.

    What successes did you all have that maybe I can learn from?

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    My chickens have definitely been a boon. I have been giving eggs away to friends and family, and getting back jerky, manual labor, etc. in unrequested but appreciated payment!

    I am very happy that I am a nut over fruit and nut trees (plant them every time I move), because I have several mature ones on the property, so I had lots of fresh plums and peaches this summer, and my lemon tree is about ready to fall over from all the lemons ripening on it. My orange, grapefruit, kumquat, etc citrus trees are all also full of green fruit, so I think any fear of scurvy is laid to rest this winter!

    The COVID garden was successful, and I did a few experiments, so I know what works/doesn't work for next year in re: winter squash. I try a garden every year, but I travel so much for work, I usually give up. My housesitter tries to water the garden, but I usually come home to dead plants. This year, we shut down in March, so this is the first year I have been home to tend my own crops!!

    I am a seed saver, so I had almost everything I wanted already, when the masses started buying every vegetable seed out there. I have already purchased next year's seed (chilling in the fridge) and it feels good to know I will have what I want next spring (early spring, winter, or whenever I get impatient and decide to plant).

    My overstock was flour and sugar. Happily, it will store until this winter, when I will probably do a lot more baking than I have done in 105F summer heat!
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    I always try to get my seeds early because even in a normal year the variety and availability goes down sharply once the weather begins to warm. My garden is small, so I usually have leftover seed.

    I'm not a baker so I did not buy a lot of flour, only 2 small bags, one has not even been opened. Part of that is the summer heat. I keep a variety of bread (pita, tortillas, sandwich buns, dinner rolls) in the freezer, so we were ok until regular supplies came back on the shelves. We're also flexible, I was able to get rye bread which is just fine for sandwiches, were not so picky we had to have white bread. Also had a variety of things like almond flour, coconut flour, etc for specialty baking, so I had options.

    I like rice and bought an extra large bag in Feb, which turned out to be a good idea. I have a steamer which cooks it easily. I've been slowly stocking up on flavored rice, and instant rice&bean mixes as they come back into the stores. Higher in salt, but adds a nice variety to meals when you have to eat at home every night. I got caught out and underestimated the demand for brown rice, though.

    Pasta/noodles: we don't eat these very often. I purchased some in Feb just in case, turned out to be a good idea. Still, we have not used much of it.

    I had a good supply of canned tuna. I buy when it is on sale, whatever the max limit is (usually 1-2 cans). Was starting to think I had too much when it vanished from shelves.

    Bulghur, I had a 2lb bag to try a couple of recipes. We don't really like it and I won't be buying more. I did make a couple cold grain salads which were ok.

    I did not account for DH being home and eating everything in sight. He's bored so he eats snacks, toast, leftovers, cereal, etc and drinks tea constantly. I've had to buy more milk, cereal, snacks and tea as a result. Also his sugar-free sweetener. He used to get all that at work.

    Cash, it turned out we did not need this. Most places are asking that you to use credit or debit so that they do not have to handle coins or paper money.

    Cat food: we were already getting this delivered for the indoor cats (special diet) but I did not account for the store brand the outdoor kitties use. I need to get another giant bag soon.
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    I just had to throw out a canister of white flour. The ants got into it. I don't bake much anymore, so I think I should keep the flour double bagged in the freezer. I used the beef and turkey jerky, fruit cocktail, water, dog food, pasta and pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, gelato, juice, coffee, canned milk, sugar, and dog biscuits. I am still eating up the last of the dried apricots. Oh, I also ordered a whole bunch of bison steaks, and ate them over several months. They were delicious! Also used up the tortillas, cheese, salsa, sorbet, and Australian licorice. I love stockpiling. It gives me a feeling of security.

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