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    I don't worry about staying warm if the electricty goes out. I can always piles the blankets on and I live in the south where we have mild winters. What I am concerned about is everything in my refrigerator and freezer spoiling.

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    Well, right now I live in the city of Burlington and so our power doesn't go out very often. If it does, it's only out for a few hours. We have oil lamps, candles and flashlights. A cook stove, plenty of nonpersiable foods and lots of warm blankets. We do not have a second heat source becasue we live in an apartment, but if we had to, DH would barrow a kerosene heater from his work.

    As many of you know though, we are trying to buy a house in Rochester, VT which is a very small town of about 1500 people and way out in the country. We have heard rumors that the power does go out from time to time, so I plan on getting more oil lamps. We will have a fire place in the front of the house and we can close off the back part of the house to stay warmer. We eventually want to install a large woodstove in the back part of the house....if we get the house.

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