Another water storage question.
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    Default Another water storage question.

    Yesterday, at Walmart, I saw big plastic jugs for water that I guess were meant to take with you camping. It didn't say anything for or against longer-term storage. Do you think it would be OK to keep water in it for a few months?

    And those big clearish blue jugs you get filled for your water cooler. They seal those before you buy them. Are those OK to use for water storage for a few to several months?

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    Sara Ali, we have 2 or 3 of the "blue" 7 gal. ones from walmart. We use it now to get the salt water(we have a water purifier set up anyway for any purpose, pulls all the yuck out to I believe it is zero) to put it into the tank. We bought those last summer I believe when the hurricane was heading for Fl. They where about $10 a piece(we had 3 and one got bumped). We got it only for transferring the water for the tank however; if need be it can be throughly cleaned for our use. Those we keep full of the water for a few months at a time. I think they are for that anyway or at least the ones we have. I don't know how well it would work out having just straight water without any kind of purification or anything. The other ones you are talking about, I am not sure of.
    Try a google search and see what it comes up with. If you are wanting to get them go ahead and not worry about going with water in them for months and when it is said of rough weather or hurrucanes or whatever, it is easy enough to fill.

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