Halloween Pumpkin Muffins
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    Default Halloween Pumpkin Muffins

    <DIV>3 c. sugar</DIV>
    <DIV>3 1/2 c. flour</DIV>
    <DIV>1 tsp. salt</DIV>
    <DIV>2 tsp. soda</DIV>
    <DIV>1 tsp. nutmeg</DIV>
    <DIV>1 tsp. cinnamon</DIV>
    <DIV>1 c. raisins</DIV>
    <DIV>1 c. oil</DIV>
    <DIV>2 c. orange juice</DIV>
    <DIV>2 tsp. vanilla</DIV>
    <DIV>2 c. pumpkin</DIV>
    <DIV>4 eggs</DIV>
    <DIV>Add all dry ingredients together and set aside. </DIV>
    <DIV>Mix oil, juice, vanilla, pumpkin and beaten eggs. </DIV>
    <DIV>Add raisins. </DIV>
    <DIV>Add dry mixture and stir well.</DIV>
    <DIV>Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes</DIV>
    <DIV>**you could even decorate them**</DIV>

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    mmm I printed this one out!! I love pumpkin!!

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