Pumpkin and Potato Gratin
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    Default Pumpkin and Potato Gratin

    Pumpkin and Potato Gratin

    4 cups peeled, cubed and diced fresh pumpkin
    4 potatoes (large) peeled and cubed
    1 red onion, unpeeled, quartered
    8 slices of bacon
    ½ stick unsalted butter (room temperature)
    3 large eggs
    1¼ cup chredded Gruyere cheese
    ½ teaspoon grated nutmeg
    1 cup fresh bread crumbs

    In a large pot, put pumpkin, potatoes and onion. Cover with water, bring to a boil and cook 25-30 minutes.

    Preheat oven to 400°.

    Sauté bacon until it is starting to get crisp. Drain bacon on paper towels. Reserve 2 TBS of fat.

    Brush the fat over the bottom of a 2 quart gratin dish.

    Drain vegetables. Discard onion skin. Set onion quarters aside.

    Mash the potatoes and the pumpkin until well combined. Mash 3 TBS of the butter into the potato/pumpkin mixture.

    Beat in the eggs and 1 cup of the cheese. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

    Layer the onion on the bottom of the pan. Spread pumpkin muxture evenly over the top of the gratin.

    Blend the remaining 1 TBS of the butter with the bread crumbs. Sprinkle evenly over the top.

    Crumble the bacon. Sprinkle over the top. Then distribute the remaining ¼ cup gruyère over all. 12. Bake 25-30 minutes until crust is a light golden brown. Serve hot.

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    Love pumpkin Thanks

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