Looking for pumpkin, squash recipes
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    Default Looking for pumpkin, squash recipes

    I'd love to incorporate some of the seasonal veggies I am seeing in the grocery store. I have tried Spagetti Squash (yum, btw), butternut squash (nice for a change) but have never liked pumpkin pie so i have stayed away from pumpkins. I would like to try soups, maybe pie again... does anyone have recipes using FRESH pumpkin, acorn squash, butternut squash, spagetti squash, or any of the squashes readily available this time of year? Any that will freeze well?

    I am looking for soups, casseroles, anything!

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    Missy, I make a tasty pumpkin soup that can be made with any pumpkin or squash. I use either butternut or our local Queensland Blue pumpkin.

    This is a simple, nutritious soup that delcious with hot bread or biscuits/scones on a cold day.

    Chop up about 2 lbs of pumpkin/squash and one large onion. Place them in a saucepan with 1½ pints water, S & P. Boil until all are soft.
    When they are cooked to very soft consistency, take it off the heat and blend in small amounts (or process with stab blender or food processor).

    When it's all blended to a thick soupy consistency, return to the saucepan and reheat. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary. Depending on the consistency you like, you might like to add a little more water. Add ½ cup cream or sour cream just before serving.

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    Pumpkin Scones/Biscuits

    2 ozs softened butter
    1 egg
    ¼ cup sugar
    ¼ cup milk
    1 cup mashed, cooked pumpkin
    2 ¾ cups self-raising flour

    Preheat oven to 400° F. Lightly grease baking trays. Cream softened butter and sugar. Add egg and beat well. Add mashed pumpkin and milk. Fold in flour using a fork, and mix, don't over mix.
    Place on floured board and gently press to about ¾" thickness. Cut into scone shapes using round cutter (2" diameter). Makes about 24. You can also leave in a large round shape ¾ thick that you half cut through in the wedge sizes you like. When it cooks it will join up with the other wedges but you'll be able to easily break them apart for serving.

    Place on greased oven tray and brush top with milk. Bake 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven, turn out onto clean dish towel, wrap and allow to cool slightly. Serve warm, split open and spread with butter.

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    Pumpkin muffins and bread are good. I don't have a special recipe -- just use one of my cookbooks.

    We like acorn squash. I just cut it in half and take out the seeds. Then I put a little margarine and brown sugar in the cavity and bake the two halves in a baking dish with a little water in the botton. If you don't want to eat a half you can cut them smaller when they are done.

    A long time ago I had acorn squash with what appeared to be a custard in the middle. It was sliced before serving and you had a slice with a little of the custard. It was made by one of my friends from southeast Asia and I always thought I would try to figure out how to make it myself -- but never did. It probably wouldn't be hard.

    DH prefers spaghettit squash to spaghetti noodles. I just cut it in half and bake it in the oven. Last time I served it with a cheddar cheese sauce with a little chicken breast and broccoli in it. Different, but tastey.

    I have several casserole recipes using summer squashes but nothing for the varieties available now.

    I cook my pumpkin, mash it up and then put it in the freezer in one and two cup portions. DH doesn't like pumpkin pie with the canned stuff, but he loves what he calls my "real" pumpkin pie. It does taste very different than the canned stuff. My recipe is from Betty Crocker but I use brown sugar (sometimes molasses) instead of white sugar and regular milk (or sometimes soy milk) instead of evaporated milk.

    I also use a whole wheat crust for all my pies -- I think that's what DH likes. It has a nutty flavor that goes really well with pumpkin. I use my regular pie crust recipe but substitute half of the unbleached flour with whole wheat. I've tried it with all whole wheat, but it makes the crust very difficult to work with -- it breaks very easy and is difficult to get in the pan.


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    Just found these pumpkin recipes. All kinds of other pumpkin info too.

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