cleaning an old air conditioner
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    Default cleaning an old air conditioner

    We have an air conditioner that has sat in our damp musty basement for two years (we didn't need air conditioning last year).

    I'm pregnant and not due until the end of august and I KNOW we will need it this year.

    I'm worried about how clean the ac is and how to make sure it doesn't shoot out mold spores and cause us to develop Legionneres (sp?) Disease.

    Beyond cleaning or replacing the filter, what can we do to clean this thing?

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    ~I'm glad you asked this question. Our AC was stored in the shed where some squirrels wrecked havoc over the winter. DH set up the unit in the window and we haven't had to run it yet but when the sun beats down on the unit I think I smell rodent urine. I'm thinking about spraying the inside/sides with a vinegar/water solution. If I can't get the smell out we'll be getting another unit. Rodent waste spores can't be good either. ~

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