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    Does anyone know how to get rid of mildew from delicate fabrics? My 9yr old niece spent last weekend at her dads and Her step siblings threw her american doll in the trash,this is not the 1st time they've ruined her things.She is devistated and I really want to try and fix this for her.I appreciate any help thanks so much in advance.

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    Hi Nancy,

    Sorry that happened to your sweet niece and very kind of you to try to fix, the not popular answer: Yes by having the lovely step kids have to pay for a new

    Otherwise to get rid of mildew on clothes, make a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub it on the affected area, then dry the clothes in sunlight. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

    You can also take 1 /2 cup borax dissolved in 2 cups hot water, and rub it into the affected areas. Or a mixture of hydorgen peroxide and tea tree oil. But warning not sure if this or the other above might affect the colors of the clothing or making it too faded etc.

    Good luck to you!

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