When or if to plant sprouted onions depending on root growth
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    Default When or if to plant sprouted onions depending on root growth

    So I am completely new here and quite new to indoor gardening. However, I live in a 5b region and have an extremely limited time to produce anything outdoors unless I have started extremely hearty plants.

    My goal is to start - as my house is very large - using the endless windows to grow and support as many and as much plants/herbs/veggies - etc, as I can.

    I followed the directions to root sprouted yellow onions with the water-toothpick method. I worked perfectly. In just three days I have scallions over 20 inches high and the roots (which seemed to appear overnight) are thick and healthy. I have searched everywhere on the net but cannot find if I should continue to grow them in water or should or could I plant them in soil. Once planted, I intend to keep them inside. I need all the help I can get here so suggest anything that has worked for you.

    My biggest problem other than my 5b region is that I keep my house almost year roung at about 58-60 degrees fahrenheit or approx 15 degrees celsius.

    I want to grow as much herbs and leafy vegetables as possible indoors but I'm not sure that I keep my house warm enough to grow most things.

    Other than Scallions grown from sprouted yellow onions which I suspended in a glass and have grown like wildfire in a few short days, I'm not sure what else to try indoors.

    I also don't know if or when I should plant the onions in soil or keep in water. What say ye?

    Once I have the onions corrected I desperately want to do Basil. There is a Co-op in town that sells fresh basil for so cheap that most people wouldn't dream of having to grow it at home but I recently found out that 70% of the basil comes from one source who grows it indoors.

    I'm not sure what body part to offer up but to get a huge producing basil plant to grow indoors would be a slice of heaven.

    Contact me about the above or about other in-home regrowing items I can achieve like garlic, lemon or lime trees, celery, or anything I can grow indoors from already purchased plants.

    My next post will be about potatoes, especially red potatoes followed by rosemary, thyme and most importantly: asparagus. Asparagus grows wild here almost as perfectly does rutabaga. Keeping the local rutabaga controlled is an every year task. I know I used to have asparagus on my property but it was snuffed out by a lawn service who didn't realize it was there. Any and all info on asparagus planting would be wonderful.

    Lastly, I have very large Lilac trees at the back of my property. They are about 15 feet tall but for some reason they have broken under the weight of the snow which has been quite mild these last two years. I want to spread them the rest of the way across my back fence. Please help me if you can.

    Since I haven't asked for the winning Lotto numbers or the meaning of life yet, I want to put forth one more important need. I have peonies along one short side of my house but recently found out that they had been there for over forty years. I desperately would like to get them to spread the rest of the way up the property wall but I don't know when or how to get the to spread. I, as you see, want pretty much any and all information everyone has on everything so pick away. I need all the help I can get. LVM

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    Hmm, I am in zone 5b as well and am curious why you aren't planting outside? Very soon I will be placing my onions out in the ground. They tolerate frosts fairly well. I will also be planting out my lettuces, radishes, peas, spinach, etc

    I am also chitting my potatoes now for planting soon as well. I don't really have answers for you on growing things in your windows. It seems to work great for awhile but at the end the plant tends to suffer. Nothing quite beats real sunshine, the window filters out some of it.

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